Humans deserves great experiences and design is boring without partners.

Does it resonate with you? Let’s have a discussion or even launch some rockets and/or products together! Here are some conversation starters if, like me, you never know how to start:

  • Bonjour, what about design tokens and color modes?
  • Hello there, love this brutalist serif typeface, how did you hear of Black Foundry’s work?
  • What’s up? You mentioned Hip-Hop music, what’s your opinion on Kid Cudi’s MOTM 3?


Find here my inspirations, current and past experiences, facts about me and things I like to do after work hours.

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I share my thoughts about design operations and bridges between design and code. Also kind of a public reflection journal.

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I try to find a great balance between following the choosen methodology and keeping velocity and efficiency through the entire journey

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