Hope you enjoyed your travel in my personal space so far, here are some ways to learn more about me:


Some time have passed between playing with my first small bricks of color and becoming a Product Designer, I wanted to share anecdotes and funny stories you may find interesting.

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Since my first portfolio on October 2016, I began building my universe around one thing that kept my attention since I was a child: cities and their energy, using the symbols of light in physics and flash.

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Maybe the more visual way to dive into my universe, you may find superabundance of references of color palettes inspired by Piet Mondrian, typography compositions and physics symbols.

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How and Where I work(ed)

I make and verify hypothesis by creating and breaking solutions until reaching users’ delight and company’s vision.

Started from the bottom the original problem(s) and make sure we try to tackle the correct one(s) is essential to make sure we provide efficient solutions to users and businesses.

Also, I always try to find a great balance between following the choosen methodology and keeping velocity and efficiency through the entire journey.

Specify, Product Designer

September, 2021 - Now (1.1 year)

Specify is a Design Data Platform, helping teams unify their brand identity by collecting, storing, transforming and distributing design tokens and assets — automatically.

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Source, Product Designer

July, 2018 - August, 2021 (3.2 years)

Source exists to help its clients and partners to fight against preconceptions, thanks to a rational and user-centered approach.

I worked closely with multiple industry-related startups and companies, by doing user research, workshops around brand vision and strategy, setting up experience maps and user journeys, to building high-fidelity prototypes and developed solutions.

6-month internship, 1 year apprenticeship and full-time employee from January 2019 to August 2021.

Freelance, Product Designer

January, 2018 - Now (4.8 years)

I am providing value to early and mid-stage companies through product & brand design services and design system expertise.

Synerg' hetic, Design Consultant

May, 2017 - November, 2018 (1.6 year)

I implemented design methodologies to the global positioning of the Junior Company while working closely with startups around minimum viable products and ideation workshops.


industries where I had the chance to help users and companies with Source: cinema, bank, finance, institutions, initiatives, branded content and 3D softwares.

Clients include:

Dassault Systèmes, Abu Dhabi, Warner Bros., Indépendants.co, Getfluence, Banque Populaire, BPCE, BNP Paribas and more


projects over the last 3 years

Photography taken by Sabrina Nedjah

About me as a human

“I believe in the process but even more in the connections we build and strenghten along the way between companies, teams and end-users, all as humans.”

My name is Yann-Edern Gillet. I’m a French designer living in Paris, France. My main area of focus today is on systems, digital products and interfaces. DMs are opened!

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In my spare time I still spend a lot of time on screens, but more as a front-end engineer. I love learning new things, especially with Vue, Nuxt and GSAP. More recently I’m learning the craft of icon design (yup, the ones you saw earlier are born on my computer). I like the idea of crafting myself every pixel of my creations, both in design and code, like this portfolio.

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When my hands are not on my mechanical keyboard, I enjoy taking care of my plants, cook/ try some italian recipes with my girlfriend and building LEGO sets.

To relax, I dive into work of others designers and developers, thanks to Standards Manual, Increment and Offscreen.

I’m also a huge fan of Hip-Hop culture and music. Even if I listen to a lot of US / UK rappers, french rap is deeply anchored in my head + easier to understand as a french person of course. I created playlists for each of my mood, feel free to give it a try!

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Quick facts

Here are some anecdotes and quick facts about my debuts and my current life, both as a human and a product designer.

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This website

Born inside Sketch in 2019 and raised inside Figma in 2020/2021. Design tokens pushed by Specify.

Built on Nuxt and Vue with GreenSock libraries for animations. Hosted by GitHub and distributed by Netflify and Amazon Web Services.


Headlines are set in Bluu Suuperstar, designed by Jean-Baptiste Morizot and redrew in 2017 for french type design company Black Foundry.

Copy is set in GT America, designed by Noël Leu with Seb McLauchlan for Grilli Type.

A special S/O to:

My partner in life Sabrina Nedjah and my brother Hassan Boujnikh for their support these last years. Gabriel Bacave for his help on writing my manifesto.