Let's open the garage door

Published on May 06, 2021

Today I decided to make the work on my personal space public.

I could have waited until the end of the week, the end of my Linear cycle, the end of the month. Two weeks ago, I re-read one of Brian Lovin's blog posts about "building the garage door up" (inside his playbook for shipping side projects). And as he puts it so well: "It's really easy to fall into this trap: there's always something you can do to make the design better, or improve a feature, or make the copywriting better."

Current state of my personal space in May 2021
Current state of my personal space in May 2021

To be honest, I fall into this trap a lot of times since the start of this project. I even started it on Sketch, that's to say... From what I could find, this version started in February 2019. Like many designers, not to say all: long periods of break, of doubt and uncertainties, rush periods, etc. Maybe I'll share the different essays on another note.

Going back to today and what prompts me to do it, I think I've reached a point where, if I don't, I know I never will. I think I was able to explore and develop enough avenues to say today that I am proud of what I have been able to build in this space. Determine a minimum quality bar that triggers a ship: checked. As for the content, many things are to come afterward: my city, my moodboard, my process. But the work done on about is enough for me for the moment and publishing today will not prevent me from continuing to work on it, on the contrary. Determine a minimum content volume that triggers a ship: checked. Determine a date that triggers a ship: well, I think we can say semi-checked, as my Linear table indicates today, a huge part of the backlog was done and I had more or less unconsciously fixed the goal of releasing it before this summer.

One of the lessons that I draw from these many months of work is that discipline is king but that the motivation that your entourage can give you and that which lies dormant in you remain the best weapons to allow you to achieve your goals. Therefore, I thank them for all their support.

So, here it is. I will go into more detail on the creation of this space next time. Now I'm focusing on developing the about subpages, as they are more fun to work on and less stressful.

If you have any questions I will be happy to help you as much as I can so feel free to send me a DM on Twitter.

Hope you liked what you read!
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