Published on June 10, 2022

Today I'm thrilled to reveal what I have been working on the last few weeks: introducing Supercat, a small tool dedicated to turning Product Hunt comments into beautiful & customizable images, ready to share anywhere.

Why this product?

Whether it's on blog articles, guides or other pieces of content like Product Hunt campaigns, sharing options are not really fun: you copy a link but you rely on the Open Graph Image and nothing else to catch your audience's attention.

Also, sharing people's thoughts on your products is 10x more efficient than just saying "Here's my product, give it a try". By giving makers the opportunity of quickly sharing the love they got on their campaigns, from people they admire or strangers, they are more likely to reach their goals and that's the purpose of Supercat, your best companion for your Product Hunt launches.

How to achieve this?

An image is worth a 1,000 words, right? So my goal was to allow users turn Product Hunt's text comments into beautiful & customizable images, ready to share anywhere. I took inspiration from what Raycast has done with for code, now used everywhere by developers: a clean but powerful interface, some settings and voilà!

What's the sorcellery behind?

Product Hunt's API is really easy to use if you're a bit familiar with APIs and Graph QL. As someone who loves connecting services together, I managed to retrieve the desired comments in a weekend. Thanks to dom-to-image-more, I managed to transform the output dom into downloadable images, ready to share. Then I spent some time in Figma to create a simple interface with known patterns.

On the implementation side, I set up CI/CD workflows for design thanks to Specify, allowing me to extract all my design tokens in the desired format and use it in my code. For this project I also used Nuxt 3 for the first time (all my projects were using Nuxt 2 before that), damn it was so fast!

And on the deployment side I used Vercel, which is now my go-to for all my quick side-projects like this one.

What's next?

I'd love to hear what you think about it, feel free to share your suggestions and ask any questions. Of course, your support would mean the world, here's the Product Hunt page.

Hope you liked what you read!
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